Passengers is a theatrical road movie about a special train trip from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The ticket collector of the train heading to the polar circle delicately and intricately intervenes in the personal stories of the passengers on board: an Italian man left by his wife, a German war journalist in doubt with her work and a Japanese woman from the Fukushima area in search of a new home. The play is a concert of stories within stories. As long as the train does not reach Rovaniemi, everything seems possible. A performance full of loving absurdity, melancholy and humor, subtly inquiring to which extend we are passengers in or conductors of the run of things. To which extend observers or makers of primary experiences. To which extend altruists or escapees from ourselves. To which extend acceptors or deniers of the multiplicity of perspectives on reality. Passengers is a cross-disciplinary production fusing performing arts, media arts and music. It is staged in a “surround” media space called CineChamber, using panoramic projections and surround sound to create an immersive performing arts experience.

Passengers is a creation by the international artists’ collective Periskop founded in 2012 by the German media artist Egbert Mittelstädt, the Helsinki based Swiss/Italian theatre director Davide Giovanzana and the German/Finnish performing arts curator Eva Maarika Schmitz. The production has been created in a team together with the Helsinki based Italian dancer Giorgio Convertito, the German actress Maria Faust, the Finnish actor Juha Sääski, the Cologne based Japanese dancer Yoshie Shibahara, the Finnish writer Antti-Jussi Korhonen, the German programmer and media artist Matthias Neuenhofer, the German light designer Guido Petzold and the Norwegian musician Geir Jenssen aka Biosphere.

Passengers is a co-production of Periskop,
 Korjaamo Theatre Helsinki and Recombinant Media Labs.