Diiva ja mekaaninen sydän

The Diva and the Mechanical Heart


16th of February, 2012. Cirko, Helsinki, Finland.


The one-woman performance by Tanja Eloranta blends dance and mask-acting to portray three divas.  Each has a strategy to cope with the fragile and haphazard nature of life.  This impressionist piece uncannily confronts the mystery of death, facing it and dancing with it.

Tanja Eloranta’s heart stopped beating when she was 36 years old.  A pacemaker has preserved her life.


Director Davide Giovanzana
Dramaturgy Asta Honkamaa
Performer Tanja Eloranta
Costume Design Aliisa Hautaviita
Set Design Pilar Andeyro
Light Design Markus Alanen
Sound Design Johanna Storm
Masks Davide Giovanzana
Toni Lehtola
Laura Mäkelä
Mask Making Workshop Etienne Champion (France)
Mask Acting Workshop Mario Gonzalez (France)
Production Jenny Nordlund
Riina Tikkanen