Pirandello project

On the Edge of Silence

Pirandello Project – On the Edge of Silence is a silent mask and puppet theatre performance that takes place in a society that has declared creative activity to be inefficient, dangerous… and illegal.
Teatteri Metamorfoosi presents a visually poetic piece, where the pure magic in the act of imagination turns into a rebellious act, capable of re-appropriating another person’s life. For imagination is not an escape from reality, but the tool by which we shape it.
The performance is inspired by the last, unfinished play by Luigi Pirandello I Giganti della Montagna (The Mountain Giants).

Said about Pirandello project

Teatteri Metamorfoosi succeeds to convey with its suggestive sound world and multi-layered storytelling a meaningful and visually creative show in which also the silence becomes audible.

– Elisabeth Nordgren/ Hufvudstadbladet


Director Davide Giovanzana
Mask Acting Tutor Soile Mäkelä
Dramaturgy Giovanzana
Mäkelä & Katerina Fojtikova
Composer Maija Ruuskanen
Choreographer Tanja Eloranta
Mask Makers Davide Giovanzana
Johanna Kultala
Toni Lehtola
Laura Mäkelä
Soile Mäkelä
Elina Putkinen
Puppet Builders Johanna Kultala and Elina Putkinen
Costume Designer Henni Siltaniemi
Light Designer Antti Helminen
Performers Tanja Eloranta
Roosa Hannikainen
Miska Kajanus
Johanna Kultala
Linda Lemmetty
Elina Putkinen
Musicians Toni Lehtola
Maija Ruuskanen and performers
Music Workshop Vincenzo Ciotola (Italy)
Object Theatre Workshop
Rene Baker (Spain)
Production Soile Mäkelä & Jenny Nordlund/ Teatteri Metamorfoosi
Irina Duskova/ Korjaamo Teatteri
Premiere Stage Helsinki
Theatre Festival
Korjaamo Teatteri
August 23rd 2009