Survival Kit


To be ready for the worst, such is the rule of Eloise and Paul. a couple overwhelmed with catastrophic scenarios, living under the pressure of an imminent, global and invisible threat. Only one aim: survive.

Who are the enemies? Everybody, because everything is on the verge of collapse….

In their quest, this couple enters in contact with various people: rich industrial men fearing digital collapse, men and women destroyed by economical rationality, self defence enthusiasts predicting an imminent civil war,… All believe the end is near

Foresight ? Paranoïa ? Political or commercial opportunity?

But the biggest danger is that there is no danger…

By choosing the theme of survival, this play deals with the issue of death and catastrophe. By relying on comedy and poetic situations, the play aims to answer to the general fear and panic of our current times. Irreverent laughter and poetry are weapons against cynicism and despair so common nowadays.


By following a survivalist couple getting ready to the “end of time”, this play aims to explore the madness of our society and the anxiety of witnessing its collapse.

Our desire is to build an international team, gathering artists with whom Davide and David have been already been working. This team is rich from its cultural and artistic elements and will search to explore the existential, political, economical and societal conflicts of our times.

It is as well our will to build a european cultural collaboration. It seems for us fundamental to resist with all our poetic craziness against nationalistic logic, hate and closed mindedness.


Conception and development David Martins

Director Davide Giovanzana
With Fred Cacheux, Stéphanie Felix, Nancy Guyon, David Martins

Set and costume design Tinde Lappalainen

Light design Pietu Pietiäinen
Sound and music Philippe Rigger

Masks Etienne Champion-

Administration – production Luc Gerardin
Time 1H15 (estimation)
Premiere 7th January 2021 – Relais Culturel la Nef – Wissembourg