The Heart of the Monster


The show explores the limit dividing the human from the monstrous. And what is needed to cross this limit. We tell stories of persons that have killed, abused innocent victims, persons that the society has condemned as monster. And then we parallel these monsters with “normal” situation, even banal situations of “civilized” and “decent” persons. Our intention is to show that the monsters are not so far as we tend to think and that the monster, the monstrous, what we consider against humanity can be present, is already present, in our every day life.

If we acknowledge that the “monstrous” is already present in us, we could then become more conscious of what defines us as “humans”.


The show is a combination of physical theatre with funny and grotesque situations. Our theatre fuses comical situations with tenderness, poetry and singing. it is primarily a visual theatre that aims to make people think through laughter.


Our ensemble, I Divorati, works with the concept of actor-creator, meaning able to create, develop and write his or her own text and movement material, and with the concept of total actor, meaning able to merge various performative skills such as acting, dance and singing: a cappella singing and opera singing.

I Divorati is an international group based in Ticino, Switzerland. It is composed by four artists coming from different countries and with different theatre background.

Video of the work-in-progress demo made during the residency at Chössi Theatre, Switzerland, in May 2014.

Opening night: November 13th 2015



Davide Giovanzana (CH)


Daniel Koller (CH)

Balasz Varnai (HU)

Kate Hannah Weinrieb (US)


co-produced by Teatro Dimitri and Chössi Theatre






February 2016

12,13,14 Lugano at Foce Teatro


March 2016

2,4,5 Zürich at Keller62 at 20h



Daniel Koller