The invisible stage


May 13th, 2012, BodyWord Festival St Petersburgh, Russia October 16th, 2012, Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Finland

Lecture performance

Where does theatre meet reality? Where does a story begin? There is a gesture and the observation of the gesture. Where does theatre stop being theatre? This is like an impalpable Russian matryoska without dolls. This is a performance and a lecture. It questions basic aspects of theatre, focusing especially on observation and division. So who is the protagonist in this show? Is it Hamlet? Is it Claudius? Is it the actor playing the murder of Gonzago? It is all about YOU! You watching Hamlet, who is watching Claudius, who is watching the actor performing the inside play where he murders a king. You and your imagination.


Concept Davide Giovanzana
Written and Performed by Juha Sääski
Davide Giovanzana
Assistants Tuomas Tulikorpi
Jaakko Kiljunen
Constume designer Aliisa Hautavita
Consultant Jani-Petteri Olkkonen


The Invisible Stage is a part of Davide Giovanzana’s Ph.D. thesis on meta theatre.