Anatomy of a Suicide


Three women, three time zones. One shared tragedy.


A mother, a daughter, a granddaughter. A housewife, an addict, a doctor. The inescapable tragedies of three women are transmitted through generations. Yet the women’s will to rewrite destiny is never extinguished.

Award-winning playwright and scriptwriter Alice Birch’s Anatomy of a Suicide is a highly original play echoing the trauma of suicide across generations and through time. Performed to universal acclaim across the globe, the play receives its Finnish premiere on stage at &&.

The lives of three women in three different eras – Carol’s in the 1970’s, Anna’s in the 2000’s, and Bonnie’s in the 2030’s – pierce through one another throughout the play. The simultaneously unravelling and interlaced stories offer commentary on each another using sharp humour, beautiful language, and arresting suspense.

Directors Sanna Silvennoinen and Davide Giovanzana’s interpretation creates a poetic world that brings this distinctive play to life through music, theatre puppetry, and physical theatre. The dreamlike visions enthral and leave a long-lasting trace.




“After reading this play, I was shocked, dazed, and stunned. I felt that this story is critical; it explores the question of inheriting trauma. A question haunts this text: what do you pass on to your children and their offspring?” explains Davide Giovanzana. “The core of this story is not written as a conventional story, so it could not have been displayed through traditional means. When I met Sanna and we spoke about our artistic interests, I immediately understood that this unique play could only be done with her. The approach we decided to follow intertwines naturalistic behavior, puppetry, fantastic events, dancing, singing, and eventually circus taking the audience on a mesmerizing and poetic journey on what does it mean to be alive.”



Davide Giovanzana, Sanna Silvennoinen


Reita Lounatvuori

Adap­ta­tion of the trans­la­tion

Mimmi Ahonen, Sara Koiranen


Sara Koiranen

Light design

Juho Rahijärvi

Set and cos­tu­mes

Mirkka Nyrhinen

Sound design

Viljami Lehtonen


Maija Ruuskanen

Puppet maker

Elina Sarno


Samuli Nordberg, Eero Ojala, Pauliina Palo, Riina Tikkanen, Terhi Suorlahti, Roosa Söderholm, Senna Vodzogbe


Luc Gérardin


Teatteri Metamorfoosi


Circo Aereo ja & Espoon teatteri


Wihuri Foundation and Uudet klassikot







Premiere: Thursday February 1st, 2024

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review by Maria Säkö