Romeo and Juliet



This puppet production of Romeo and Juliet explores the desire to love and the self-destructive behavior of teenagers. The desire to love and to be loved is a strong power. However in Romeo and Juliet this desire is repressed. Desire and repression are the basic understanding of the human psyche by Freud. Therefore the Shakespearian text is approached by using the psychic model defined by Freud: id, ego and super-ego. Different mediums are representing these three aspects of the human psyche: super-ego (which stands for the regulatory moral imperative) by video, id (which stands for the inner desire, inner impulses) by puppets and ego (which negotiates between morality and impulses) by actors. Most of the time, the productions dealing with Romeo and Juliet stress the division between two families, two races or two communities. In this production, instead, it focuses on the miscommunication between the teenagers and the parents leading to the self-destructive behavior among teenagers, which is becoming a problematic issue in Latvia.





presentation of the project: video






Opening night: April 27 2018 at the puppet theatre of Riga, Latvia